The Benefits of Physical Activity

Topics: Obesity, Physical exercise, Exercise physiology Pages: 2 (749 words) Published: October 8, 2013
Although the benefits of being active seems to be of interest to many people in today’s world, the numerous reasons often go unannounced because of the stress that is put on physical image rather than overall health. Physical activity includes any action that strengthens muscles or strengthens the cardiovascular system. It can be performed by aerobic exercises such as sports and other activities that increase cardiovascular endurance or anaerobic exercise such as weight training that focus on increasing short term muscle strength. I could stand up here for hours and go on and on about the endless amazing things exercise brings a person, but instead I will highlight what I find highest on the list. The most important benefits of exercise are the maintenance of a healthy cardiovascular system, stress reduction and mood improvement, and keeping body fat away resulting in a nice physical appearance. First I will start by describing the way exercise helps to avoid illnesses.

Putting aside a part of your day to focus on activity is a guaranteed way to improve your cardiovascular system. According to David Warburton and colleagues, this has a direct affect on your chance of developing many illnesses and diseases such as arthritis, breast and colon cancer, diabetes, and hypertension. Not only does it help to avoid major long term illnesses, having a healthy heart and lungs enables a person to participate more in every day activities such as walking and working around the home. Regular exercise will decrease the likelihood of getting out of breath during these simple tasks. David Warburton and colleagues mentioned that the volume of physical activity and health status has a graded linear relationship, meaning that the most physically active people are at the lowest risk. Not only does exercise decrease the risk of premature death, it also aids in keeping the mind sharp and mood lifted.

For many people that first start an exercise program, the first thing they...
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