Topics: Anxiety, Debut albums, The Key Pages: 3 (726 words) Published: December 9, 2014
Abel Perez
INRW 0055.139
Mrs. Lawhn
November 5, 2014
Into the Awkwardness

Everyone feels uncomfortable at a point in time in his or her life; but I overcame my fear with the unfamiliar with my two-step rule. When I was a child I always had a fear with talking to people and actually asking for help. I felt that I could always do things on my own and find things on my own. As I got older I realized I couldn’t; and progressed and started asking questions and gaining knowledge. I soon realized that the key to being unfamiliar with the unknown; who for me was talking to others wasn’t so bad after all because knowledge is the key to knowing the unfamiliar. Have you ever walked into an unfamiliar place and you realized you were totally out of place? Now that you know a little about my anxiety and my unfamiliar, I will discuss to you about how I overcame the impossible to me. When I enter an unfamiliar place I try to overcome it by following my two-step rule.

My first step to my two-step rule is asking questions to gain knowledge. I like to buy things for my wife so, I often find myself lost and confused with my unfamiliar surroundings when I don’t ask someone for help. I am a hardheaded individual that believes that I can get things done on my own. Than I realize that in a girl’s world everything to me is unfamiliar. So than I seek out help from others. I explain what my wife’s interest are and ask someone for help to find something that suits her. After I have done this my fear of the unknown starts to slip away and I realize there is nothing to be afraid of you just have to take a leap of faith. As soon as everything I have just encountered starts to seek in I can fulfill my purpose in knowing that I have accomplished my first task, which is to buy my wife something. The first rule to my two-step process is just about gaining knowledge of the unfamiliar and realizing there is nothing to be afraid of in the end and; it is just all in my head. Now that I...
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