Unit 065

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Unit 065. Promote learning and development in the early years.

Outcome 1.1.
There are seven areas of development in the EYFS. The seven areas of development and are split up as three main areas and are physical development, personal, social and emotional development, communication and language. The other four are still important but not detrimental as the other areas and they are Understanding of the World, Literacy, Arts and Design and Maths. Physical Development.

Physical development is the area of physical activity for moving and handling including fine motor and gross motor skills. This area of development includes gross activities such as running, walking, climbing etc and also fine motor so pencil/ brush control, handling objects and poring. Physical development also includes self-care and awareness which is the development of being able to feed and drink independently and to know how to use the toilet, potty or to tell an adult about a dirty nappy. Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

Personal, social and emotional development focuses on self-confidence and awareness and being out going, confident and happy. It includes managing behaviour and their feelings, knowing right from wrong. As well as above it focuses on the social element and making relationships with their peers. Communication and Language.

Communication focuses on listening and attention, speaking and understanding. This area see’s development within the above as children can have no speaking skills but can understand or vice versa so this area can observe and assess the children’s skills in these areas as communication is vital for children.

Understanding of The World.
Understanding of the world includes learning objectives for the world which include small world play, understanding how the world works and grows and why. Understanding of the world also includes people and communities meaning understanding their families, others and differences. Technology is an outcome and includes points such as working technology like computers, cd players and mechanical toys. EAD- Expressive Arts and Designs.

Expressive arts and designs include being imaginative by role play, singing and story making and also being creative by painting, gluing, mark making and using resources to create art. Literacy.
Literacy includes reading and writing. This outcome has objectives for mark making and writing and for reading such as story time, rhyme time and singing time. Maths.
Maths includes numbers; this would include recognizing numbers and grouping objects. Maths also includes shape, space and measures, this would mean recognizing and drawing shapes and judging time measures, space and distance. All the areas interlink with each other as physical development is a huge part in the process of play which goes hand in hand with social development and self-confidence. Being able to have self-care competence links with maths to develop time routines and this inter links with maths. Ead links with writing as to make marks help develop fine motor skills to help writing development. To get along well in life we need basic skills such as talking, understanding how things work and why so we can become independent and stay safe in life. All the outcomes interlink with the other six outcomes in one way or more to help further development in all areas.

Outcome 1.2.
The documented outcomes for children that for part of the relevant early years framework are the early learning goals that children who reach five should have achieved by then unless circumstances prevent them from doing so. For each learning area there are sub areas an example being; communication and language is the learning area and listening and attention is the sub area. In each sub area there is an early learning goal that sets the standard a child should be at to be ‘school ready’. The early learning goals are there for practitioners have a guideline to assess if their children are at the...
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