Topics: Tucson, Arizona, Sky, Mount Lemmon Pages: 4 (1024 words) Published: March 2, 2015

Genesis Bernat

University of Phoenix

SCI 151

Night Sky Observation: Option Three

Prof. Jorge Espinosa

Week 5

I have chosen option three as my topic of discussion for this project due for week five. I visited the observatory here in Tucson, Arizona. The Mt. Lemmon SkyCenter Observatory, is part of the University of Arizona. It is situated at the top of the mountain at about a little over nine thousand feet in elevation. It is only a 27 mile drive to the observatory. Although, by the climb, winding roads and speed limit make the trip last about ninety minutes. Regardless of the time of the year the SkyCenter observatory surrounds itself with chilly and comfortable weather because of the elevation. The nights can get very cold so anytime you head up the mountain it is best to take extra layers.

The tour costs sixty dollars per person. It includes education, hospitality and a meal. The meal isn’t the greatest thing in the world but it is important as you will be there for hours and it will keep you full. If you make it to the summit of Mt Lemmon before sunset you can hit the famous Cookie Cabin for cookies, pizza, and desert or a few other public locations available on the mountain top. There are also cabins for rent and camp sites if you want to include a relaxed mountain wilderness adventure to your observation agenda. SkyCenter staff are experts in astronomical imaging and proficient operators of all SkyCenter instrumentation. Our tour was conducted by Adam Block. A very intelligent man whom you can tell finds happiness and inspiration in the heavens above us. He is a University of Arizona graduate. He is also a well-known and very good photographer. His photographs mainly involve stars, nebulae and colliding galaxies. Adam’s photographs have been chosen more than 50 times as NASA’s “Astronomy Picture of the Day,” and they have appeared in the world’s most prestigious astronomy magazines, books and...
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