A Letter to Your Family: Letter Writing Test

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You have just enrolled in a college in Kuala Lumpur. You share an apartment with three other college mates. Write a letter to your parents back home. Tell them:
- your experiences in college
- about your housemates
- how you spend your free time

Write a letter to your family. You may include any other relevant information. 12B,Angsana Hillpark, Jalan Bangsar, 59000 Kuala Lumpur, 16 June 201_

Dear Mum and Dad,

I was ___________ (delight) to receive your letter this morning. I read it several times and even shed some tears because I miss you both. It sounds so silly but it’s true! Now, let me tell you all about my new life here in Kuala Lumpur. Everything is different and exciting here. I _________ (have) classes every day from 9 in the morning to 3.30 in the afternoon. Travelling to my college is very convenient because of the LRT. It _______ (take) me just fifteen minutes. Most of my college mates ______ (be) from other towns – just like me. In fact, Sushila, other because she was __________ (study) in a different school. Anyway, we are good friends now. Our lecturers ______ (be) pleasant but strict. I enjoy all the classes as they are rather interesting. However, I have to study every day as our lecturers push us hard. This is ______ (bad) than when I was studying for my SPM exams! First semester exams are in two months’ time. I want to get good grades to make you proud of me. Oh yes, I nearly forgot – I’m learning to cook. I’m getting really tired of buying food all the time. Besides, it’s quite expensive. So, since the apartment has a fully fitted kitchen with all the utensils, my housemates and I _______ (take) turns to cook every evening. It is fun to taste each other’s cooking especially when none of us can really cook! We also take turns to clean the apartment and wash the bathrooms. I know this is hard to believe, especially when I _______ (use) to hate doing chores at home. Weekends are free as there ______ (be) no classes. I spend Saturday mornings in the library and catch up with homework in the afternoon. After that, my housemates and I usually go out. We catch a movie at the mall or do some window shopping. We always eat out on Saturday evenings. It’s our treat to ourselves. Besides, it’s really enjoyable discovering new places to eat. I’m enjoying myself, Mum and Dad. I’m working hard all week and ________ (explore) Kuala Lumpur during the weekends. This is such an exciting city. I’m so glad I’ve come here to study. Next weekend though, I’m _______ (come) home. I’m coming home. I’m missed you and home more than I thought possible. See you soon. Your...
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